Healthy tips for over fifty folks.

Staying healthy can be a bit of a challenge in our fifth decade and beyond. I read extensively on how to keep feeling good and staying healthy.

I’ll also share my thoughts and ideas on what works for me to create and sustain good health. My motto is if we do nothing else, moving is the key to feeling good about ourselves!

Staying healthy creates optimism for the future. Who wants to live a long life if we don’t enjoy it? What we eat is so important to good health don’t you think? It’s OK to indulge once in a while, but as we grow older our bodies won’t tolerate too much toxic load.

The key to feeling great is balance. Read on!

Let Us Bake Beet Cake!

Have you ever tried making a chocolate beet cake with chocolate ganache frosting? Love to bake, love to eat sweets but most of all I love to share any goodies…