Choosing wellness is a conscious mindful decision to pursue good health. Living longer with good health is what being hip over fifty is all about.
Let’s become aware of the many ways we can choose habits to support our health and educate ourselves to live and love longer and better.
Mindfulness is connecting our bodies with our hearts and minds. They’re not separate but one. By keeping our minds and thoughts focused on good health and a positive outcome we follow a path to wellness. Wellness means we’ve achieved the glorious state of our mind and body working together for a fabulous hip over fifty life.

My Number One Sleep Tip

How can you get a good night’s sleep? I know there’s oodles of practical suggestions out there but I want to share my personal sleep remedies to get extra z’s along with my number one sleep tip! I’m not sure exactly when my sleep-ability waned, but for most of my adult…

Coming Down With Something?

Recently I found myself with almost back to back colds or upper respiration infections. UGH. I pride myself on almost never getting sick so what happened? I’m going to share my go to RX when I’m feeling under the weather, about to come down with something or in the middle of…