How to Be Unshakeable and Resilient.

I’ve found if you always act from pure intention, you’ll be unshakeable and resilient. When we go out in the world with our only intention to be the BEST representation of us, we can’t lose. Being our best self becomes a built in support structure that feeds our self confidence. Which in turn feeds our sense of being unshakeable and un-fuckwithable; otherwise known as resilience!


I believe our divine purpose in life is to be loving, giving and generous in spirit. To be good to ourselves as well as to others. You deserve the best, don’t you? Of course you do. You must treat yourself and others with this in mind. We all deserve love and generosity.

Being good is a close cousin to being kind. Being kind and good is not something you fake or pretend – it’s 24/7. You don’t have to stop and say, “How do I handle this?” or “What do I do here?” You know instinctively. Your sense of purpose is focused like a laser beam. Being your true kind self is liberating because you always know what to do and what to say. Mean, nasty, spiteful don’t come into play because that’s not who you want to be.

Your choices come from a code of conduct you don’t break. You never do anything to cause a loss of self-respect.

If you do nothing else, the way to feel better about yourself is to hold your self respect as your highest priority. Self respect is where resilience and inner faith are born and nurtured.

The payoff? Once you act from a place of pure intention you’ll stop worrying what others think and you’ll value your own opinion above others. You’ll become your own true compass, easily guided through any situation knowing which path to take. Unshakeable and resilient. You’ve heard about having a relationship with yourself? This is what it looks like my friend.


Being happy with yourself naturally translates into better relationships with friends, family and loved ones.

At the same time, your relationships may be challenged by your new found sense of purpose and resilience. Any friend (or foe) who is uncomfortable with your self confidence may challenge you either consciously or unconsciously. Resist any attempt by others to rock your new foundation. When you have a new unbreakable code of conduct, this is how you put it into practice every day.

I want to tell you the rewards are life changing. It’s truly amazing how unshakeable you’ll feel, how you’ll bounce back from small (and large) disappointments once you feel good about yourself. When your core is self confident, you become the unstoppable queen of your life.





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