How to Perfect Your Look with this Affordable Closet Makeover

closet makeover

A closet makeover is just what we need to banish the winter wardrobe blues isn’t it? Spring is around the corner even if the winds are howling and we’re layering like mad. Isn’t it glorious when that first whiff of spring celebrates brighter colors and the hint of warmer temps? We may even have to think about showing some skin; as in bare legs and arms! But don’t fret, we’re going to be ready for it.

No matter what time of year, a closet makeover can easily be accomplished with a budget in mind. Just as we rearrange furniture and accessories to create a new look at home; we can tweak our wardrobe to maximise its potential without breaking the bank.

Our ultimate goal is to wear only clothing that makes us feel fabulous. Got it? Keep a pen and pad handy.

Shall we get started on our closet makeover?

Step One

Take everything out of your hanging wardrobe or closet one item at a time. For those of you over achievers you can pull everything out at once, but start with creating one pile each for pants, tops, sweaters, skirts and dresses.

Inspect each item carefully. You’re looking for pilling, stains or rips. If the pilling is minimal consider investing in a clothes shaver. It took me forever to buy one but they’re amazing sweater savers. Toss anything that looks grubby or that you’re even slightly embarrassed to be seen in. Have a donate pile for items that are wearable but you’re tired of.

Step Two

If it doesn’t fit, it goes in the toss or donate pile. No exceptions. Got a pair of pants you never wear because they’re just a little too tight at the waist? Let em go. They’re just a constant reminder of the money you spent, not how great you look in them. Same goes for that velvet jacket that’s now the wrong cut. Thanks fashion gods.

Step Three

You’ve now got your best performing clothes hanging back up in your closet. As you’re hanging things back up sort them into pants, tops, sweaters, dresses etc.

Take the first item; for example a pair of pants or slacks. Find three tops to pair with these pants. It’s best to do this in natural daylight so you can get a true idea of color. You want at least three good flattering matches for each pant or skirt.

Can’t find at least three? If the pants or skirt are fabulous then make a note on your pad. “sexy black pencil skirt” If they’re not fab, put them in the donate pile. Hey sometimes you have to be ruthless to be chic!

Step Four

Ideally some of the tops you keep will be compatible with more than one pair of pants or skirt. If you find tops that don’t really go with anything put them in the donate pile. Again unless they’re smokin hot and fit you like a dream. In which case make a note on your pad “peasant blouse that makes me look like Sophia”.

Step Five

Ideally each “bottom” in your closet should now be the foundation of an outfit. Now you can pull out your jackets, blazers or cardy sweaters and repeat the process. Does the jacket go with several outfits? I’ve had awesome jackets that I adored but I ditched them when it became clear they were no longer fashionable or working with anything else in my closet. Be unmerciful.

Step Six

Whew almost there. Now be just as ruthless with belts and shoes. If the shoes are worn out or uncomfortable donate or toss. Then while you’re trying on an outfit, try on the shoes you plan to wear with it. Does it still work or do you need another shoe or boot to make it chic? If the outfit is on point, but you don’t have the shoes to pull it off, make a note on your pad. “shoes for grey wool flares”.

Step Seven

Alright my love, you’ve made it. You only have in your closet what you love and what loves you back. We’ve come to the best part. Take your little notepad and go shopping. You should know exactly what holes in your closet you need to fill. If it helps, take a snap of the outfit or shoes as a reminder. To keep it affordable, only buy what you need to create a new outfit from what’s already hanging in your closet. Shop consignment shops and thrift stores. Just don’t be swayed by something cute that won’t work with any item hanging in your closet. Pick up some new hangers too while you’re at it.

Congratulations! A closet makeover is the first step towards perfecting your look. Keep it up. Always ask before you buy, “Does this make me feel fabulous”?


After a full career in advertising and technology, I started an interior design business at the height of the crash, so I know something about reinventing your life. Now I’m passionate about creatively helping others reinvent their life. I restarted mine at 50+ and have never been happier. How can I help you?

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