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over fifty fashion

Would you be surprised to know if you Google “women over fifty who are hip”, you’ll get more articles for hip replacements than for style pointers? Let’s talk about how to be a fashion role model in your fifties and beyond. 

What does over fifty fashion mean to you? Are you tired of feeling like you’re the only baby boomer who still wants to look on trend?

Do you head for the mall and get frustrated because you can’t find clothes you relate to or even a retailer who is really thinking about what your needs are? Maybe you find yourself cruising the racks desperately hoping you’ll find something that speaks to your sense of style. The stores that are supposed to cater to a woman of a certain age just don’t wow you.

I get it. I’ve searched high and low to find fashion that works for my age and makes me feel young, without looking like I’m trying too hard to do either.

For some reason, retail has decided to grace women over fifty with baggy, shapeless, styleless “I give up” clothing. Or overly tailored, brightly colored “outfits”. Oh there’s a nod to current fashion, but the emphasis is on cover up and dowdy-fication!

If you’re petite and over fifty like me, your fashion options become more of a scavenger hunt. Even at Nordstrom Rack, the petite section looks like it’s been specifically designed for …your great aunt! We’re forced into picking through all the racks trying to find on trend styles suitable for a more mature bod, face and figure. What bothers me the most? So few role models.

Being hip is not just about outward style either. It’s so much more than that. The bedrock of hipness is being unselfconsciously aware of your innate beauty, confidence and intelligence.

It took me decades to really work out what my sense of style was and what looked best on me. Even more enlightening was finding out what I felt good wearing, which took time and patience!

Where to Find Hip Over Fifty Fashion:

I’m currently shopping at Athleta (for running around town or travel), Madewell (good place to find T shirts and timeless pieces), Anthropologie (always worth a browse, they probably do the best job at curating a wide selection of unusual finds, not always flattering but that’s what the hunt is all about!) and Nordstroms aka Nordies for jeans and shoes.

The answer to finding stylish over fifty fashion is simple. Find a retailer or independent retail store you feel comfortable shopping with. Whether it’s online or on the high street, the clothes you choose should mirror who you’re becoming, flatter you and make you feel fabulous!

Take all your life experience and become your own over fifty role model.







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