12 Signs You’re a Hip Older Woman

hip older woman
What does being a hip older woman mean to you?

My definition of a hip older woman is someone who wants to stay young in mind and body without looking like she’s trying too hard. She stays on trend but isn’t a slave to trends. She makes her own decisions about what she likes, and knows what looks good on her.

Here’s 12 signs you may be a hip older woman; you
  1.  Continue to keep your shit together
  2.  Look young for your age but don’t work too hard at it
  3.  Take pride in your appearance but you’re not vain
  4.  Like to stay relevant and informed
  5.   Are a good friend, wife, mother or partner
  6.   Know life isn’t endless but you don’t dwell on the hereafter
  7.   Can laugh at yourself and know a sense of humor is worth having!
  8.   Are always learning
  9.   Take care of yourself
  10.   Aware of trends but choose which ones to pay attention to and for how long
  11.   Not really interested in what other people think of you
So what’s your definition of a hip older woman?






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