Relationships form the cornerstone of our hip over fifty lives. Love and friendship keeps us connected to our heart and keep us centered in the world. Without relationships, we have no mirror to our own soul.
Our principal relationship must be the one we have with ourselves. Unless we love ourself, we’re in no position to give love. When we’re full of love and respect for who we are, we’re not afraid to give, or receive love.
Every relationship teaches us. Some more than others. No matter how much pain relationships cause us, we’re always able to rise above it when we make our relationship with ourself a priority.

Finding Love Over Fifty

If you’re single and over fifty, don’t worry. One thing that never changes with age is our desire to be loved. If you’re looking for love over fifty, chances are your new potential partner is too!  The fact is 45% of adults over 18 are single. Pretty stunning isn’t it? (2015…

When to Start Your New Tribe

Listening to an awesome audiobook, “Igniting Intuition” by Christiane Northrup and Mona Lisa Schulz got me thinking about when it’s time to start a new tribe or family. Their conversation was centered on connecting our emotional dramas to what’s going on in our bodies. One leads to the other, our…

How to Survive a Breakup

  How do you survive a breakup when you’re not prepared for it? You’re worried your partner may leave you and you’re afraid your love life is in trouble. Learn how to survive a breakup by thinking about your relationship a little differently. If you think your partner may leave you, consider looking…