Comfort and Style on the Overnight Flight: 9 Favorites


Wondering what to wear on your next overnight flight?

If you’re near my age, you might remember when plane travel meant dressing up. I think my mother wore the little white Jackie O gloves with her suit. My first plane ride was on a DC8 from Toronto to London. Two rows on each side of the aisle approached with a maximum of style, a paper ticket and boarding pass clutched tightly. Lord help you if you lost it!

Fast forward and plane travel in the 21st century looks a lot different doesn’t it? Your boarding pass lives on your phone and anyone wearing a suit is probably toting a laptop to business class.

What hasn’t changed is the need for a certain kind of style and attitude.

I still believe we’re treated better when we exude confidence about how we look. And you never know who you might meet!

An overnight flight usually means flying internationally or coast to coast; but whether you land in Paris or New York isn’t the point. Having the confidence to walk off the plane and look like you belong IS.

I know we need style and comfort. Life tends to be chilly at 30,000 feet. Comfort means having something warm and soft to slip around your shoulders and on your feet.

Depending on the climate you’re headed to, you want to be prepared for the chill of the plane but possibly your destination too. Layers, my love, is the only way to carry it off.

Why not include a warm wrap or poncho in your carryon to keep you warm? Layer a lightweight long sleeve tee underneath. Whip off the poncho if it’s warm when you arrive, or if it’s chilly, wrap it around your neck as a scarf and put on your packable down jacket.

Thank goodness athletic shoes are oh so trendy right now. A lightweight comfortable shoe looks cute with these leggings or joggers and is perfect for traipsing through terminals.

What to Wear for Comfort & Style on Overnight Flights

  1. Athleta Cord High Waisted Leggings
    These are my favorite leggings. If you’re like me you’re so tired of hoicking up stretchy pants that keep sliding down your ass every time you get up. These Athleta leggings are stretchy, high waisted and stay up. No more muffin top. The soft velour cord material is a little more forgiving than lycra and looks dressier with a simple t and jacket. Love.
  2. Athleta Velour Velluxe Joggers
    My backup travel pants. I just purchased these and can’t wait until it’s cool enough to wear them. Super styling with a zip at ankle, deep waistband (muffin top proof) and pockets. Love the cozy velour fabric. These should be a keeper for travel and Athleta quality is amazing.
  3. Hanes Ultimate Bra: Comfy Support Comfort Flex Wire Free Bra
    Simple little bra that does wonders. Comfortably wire free and easy to get on and off. One of the few soft bras that has a clasp to adjust at the back. No padding, just comfort. Sizes SM to 2XL.
  4. Puma Vikky Softfoam Lo Suede Women’s Sneakers
    Great colors, soft comfortable footbed, style to spare and nice price. I’ve walked miles in these sneakers and they transition easily from the streets of London to Brighton. Oh and they combine the best of comfort and style. I have a pair in olive natch and the gray.
  5. Smart Wool Women’s Secret Sleuth Shoe Liners
    I found these socks on sale at Orvis, and they’re my go to for wearing in sneakers. A true very low profile no show sock in wool which breathes so your tootsies never get overheated. In a pinch they look stylish if you need to take off your sneakers at your seat.
  6. Athleta Threadlight Relaxed Long Sleeve T
    My new favorite t although to call it a tee shirt is misleading. Picture a soft flowy forgiving fabric that drapes beautifully, doesn’t wrinkle and looks effortless. Love that it’s shorter in front and longer in back so your booty is covered and your legs look longer. The cut is a flattering classic round neck. Add your own touch with a scarf if you want to keep your neck warm and covered.
  7. Jigsaw Wool Cashmere Blend Rolled Poncho
    One of the few ponchos I’ve found that does just what it’s supposed to. Lovely fabric, warm and soft. Not too oversized so if you’re petite you won’t feel swamped. Available in several neutrals, I chose the soft blue. Nice timeless piece which you’ll reach for again and again when flying. This poncho pulls together a t-shirt and jeans into a stylish outfit.
  8. Eddie Bauer Microlight Packable Down Jacket
    Another piece I’ve worn again and again. So versatile! It comes with it’s own little bag so you can mush it into a spot in your carryon bag, ready to pull out for an extra bit of warmth. I’ve laid mine over my legs to keep warm on the plane. Not fussy with a lot of zips or trim, just a clean classic little jacket that’s perfect for travel.
  9. Lug Shimmy Cross Body Bag
    I searched online and in person to find a lightweight hands free cross body bag for traveling to Europe. I found this bag on Amazon and it’s still going strong two years later. The wide shoulder strap is comfortable and adjustable. RFID protection and multiple compartments give you endless choices for stowing your stuff. I use the front zip pocket for my Oyster card and train tickets so I always know where to find them. If olive doesn’t work for you, it also comes in Gold, Black, Brown and Red.

It’s not that hard to have comfort and style on your next overnight flight, you deserve it!┬áTo make it easy for you to browse I’ve added all my favorites below. Some of these items may be on sale, so grab them while you can!





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