Have You Earned the Right to Let Yourself Go?

let yourself go

Do you feel you’ve earned the right to let yourself go?

Have you decided it doesn’t matter what you look like when you go to grocery shop or catch a flight? You may have spent a lot of time when you were younger grooming yourself to catch a man (or woman). Perhaps you felt peer pressure to stay somewhere in the vicinity of fashions’ cutting edge.

At some point you got tired of trying to keep up. You’re now “middle-aged” and with that may come a release of expectations? No one can expect you to compete with younger versions of yourself. I confess I’ve found myself comparing myself to women a decade or two younger, which of course isn’t fair to my self image.

I’m always interested to know what causes someone to give up on their looks. If there was never a strong sense of self esteem to begin with it could be easier to just say “Enough, I’m over it” once youth fades.

It turns out if you let yourself go, you lose your self esteem.

Once I gained self confidence in a way I never really had before, I took total responsibility for my self-image by watching my weight and what I ate. I started exercising and thinking consciously about my mirror image. Not obsessively, but with the goal in mind of looking better, not worse as I got older. Didn’t Ivana famously say “looking good is the best revenge”?

Looking good IS the best way to kick middle age butt. Literally and figuratively.

It’s also the best way of showing yourself love. This doesn’t mean you want to look like a toothpick or a trainwreck. It means looking the best you can by taking care of yourself inside and out.

Age is irrelevant really. It doesn’t matter how old you are when you decide NOT to let yourself go. Whenever you choose self esteem and self respect, you’ll get it. Looking good is a bonus, but feeling good about yourself is priceless. Perhaps when I’m 90+ I’ll feel I’ve earned the right to let myself go. But I hope I keep hanging onto looking the best I can.




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