Discover the Inner Girl in Every Woman

inner girl in every woman

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I’d never given it a lot of conscious thought but it’s true there’s an inner girl in every woman. Every woman carries within her the spirit of the girl she once was. An ex boyfriend brought this concept to my attention when he mentioned appreciating the “girl” in a woman. 

I also believe most men never lose the qualities of the little boy they once were. If they have lost them, it may be an indication they’ve become hardened to life and no longer trust being open as they once were.

It’s good to remember; whether in a love or friend relationship, to speak to the girl (or boy) as well as the adult standing in front of you, if you really want to reach their heart. We never lose that part of ourselves and we shouldn’t. I try never to suppress a playful urge from my girl within. If she feels like jumping up and dancing to a tune on Pandora I let her!

I’ve also never felt it’s wrong to use the term girl instead of woman. In my mind, it’s the same. We are one!

Embrace your inner girl.
  • Occasionally she’ll want to wear a skirt that’s a bit too short.
  • She may want to build a sand castle on the beach.
  • Shyness may pop up when she really wants to flirt.
  • Tears can flow when she’s lost a pet.
  • Having her hand held when walking still thrills her.
  • She isn’t immune to a box of nice chocolates.
  • Riding her bike never fails to lift her spirits.
  • When she looks in the mirror she wants to feel special.

Treat your inner girl with love, understanding and compassion. She’ll always be a part of you. When she’s given a chance to be playful you’ll discover her true heart or inner girl. If you remember there’s an inner girl in every woman you can be more responsive to your feelings, thoughts and passions.

Nurturing your feminine side at any age is important to self esteem and self confidence. We’re born to be beautiful inside and out. Why not celebrate your youthful feelings and traits at any age.

What traits do you carry over from being a girl?






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